Footing reinforced in Faial Wind Park (Azores/Portugal)

It is performed, commissioned by Vestas Portugal, the supervision of the reinforced of the first of the five footings to install for the Faial Wind Park. The inspection is carry out due to the “antiquity” type of reinforced. Control guidelines were used:

  • Identification and monitoring of the work relating to the placement of a footing armor for Windturbine V 52 and detailed in the document “FAIAL, Projecto Fundaçoes”.
  • Reception of steel produced.
  • Annotation of the modifications to be made in the armor for different reasons.

Throughout the reinforced works, problems are detected in the measurements of the lengths of the ring armor because the 60 pieces to install had the same measure and should have, in fact, two different measures. It corrects the defect immediately and the reinforced is finished successfully.

Colocación de la armadura para parque Faial en PortugalInstalación de Zapatas en Parque de Faial en portugal