Study of road access and evaluation of paths execution costs in Taza Wind Park (Morocco)

The Taza Wind Park consists of 61 Windturbines of 50 meters blade length. Abanto SLU was commisioned by the manufacturer to make the study of access study by road (Road Survey) with origin in the Port of Nador and to reach the expected paths as main access. The length of the access study was 235 Km…with many drawbacks.

Also an adequacy costs estimate of the Wind Park paths was made based on the observations, in situ, as well as the measurement of the approximately length of paths to rehabilitate and of new construction.

With such data, the Customer obtained an approximate valuation of execution costs of the estimated civil work, without the needed to make a preliminary Civil Work Project.

Estudio de acceso carretero Parque Taza MarruecosEvaluación inicial de costes ejecución de caminos en Parque Taza en Marruecos