Access road Adaptation Project to the Xunqueira Wind Park (Asturias)

Proyecto de adaptaciĆ³n de acceso carretero en el acceso al Parque A XunqueiraThe access of the special transport, carriers of the windturbines elements to be installed, to A Xunqueira Wind Park was limited by the need to use the Coirio vecinal road. This local road included, in its first kilometer, four horseshoe curves of radius less than 12 meters. Abanto SLU made the preliminary report of Road Survey, where detected the problems in the curves, and the constructive Project would allow the passage of trucks. Were designed a series of additional widening (external to the curves) in cutting and embankment, supported this embankments in breakwater walls, which allowed the passage of vehicles evolving forward and reverse. The result has been to have a operational access to Wind Park, otherwise would have been unfeasible because there were no better alternatives for the access.