The work areas that we cover are:

 Wind Sector:

  • “Road Survey” reports (1)
  • Assessment reports of Cranes assembly/disassembly in the Windturbines installation works.
  • Realization of visits to make reports, prior to the preparation of Projects, about the possible costs of the works to be carried out.
  • Revisions of accesses/exits in commercial Ports.
  • Civil engineering projects for Wind Parks.
  • Analysis of compromising situations in accesses.
  • Technical Assistances in work.

Public Work/Civil Sector:

  • Constructive projects of any kind, layout of roads, waterworks, solar plants, etc…
  • Topography and Mapping.

(1) Alludes to the report, prior to the beginning of transports, that identifies and assesses the existing traffic problems on the access roads to any Wind Park.